damn you amazon.com

I have a new theory.

Kevin Theory #32346.67-Z:

Amazon is in bed with UPS and receives kickbacks when they split an order into more than one shipment. I bought three books yesterday, all of them were listed as ‘in stock’. However upon checkout I was presented with the option to group my shipments to save money or ship items as they became available. It wasn’t clear which of the three was the holdup.

So I removed book A from my cart and tried again. B and C would both ship immediately. I added A and removed C – now A and B will ship immediately. I don’t need the books right away so I bought all three and had them shipped in one shipment. I got a shipping notification listing all three. Something isn’t quite right. Software oddity or conspiracy?


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2 Responses to damn you amazon.com

  1. Amazon is like that friend that thinks they know you but they really don’t as evidenced by their repeated suggestions I might like lesbian audio porn. My TiVo didn’t know me either so I broke up with it.

    I like Bookpool for tech books although I will forcibly admit to buying from the cheapest source.

  2. @crambosauce I thought you were a fan of lesbian audio porn. What *have* you been listening to?

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