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Vanity Fair, originally uploaded by kbb.

Another find from a few years ago. I bought it, even though the spine is shot and I’ve read the book (there’s a few hours I’ll never get back).
It’s silly to buy a copy of a book I’ve already read, but I’m a sucker for the inscription. I wonder if Jim sold it? or was it his heirs?

This makes me want to get a fountain pen. But I’m sure my chicken scratches would only be marred with ink blots.

Check out that X in Xmas. Click through to flickr to zoom in. Lora had some hot penmanship. I bet she was hot too. In her defense I have to point out that In ancient Christian art χ and χρ are abbreviations for Christ’s name. It has the added bonus of pissing of nut-ball religious types too.

I’m refusing to accept books as gifts unless they’re inscribed.

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