Symbiosis in Highland Park

In life Parasitism and symbiosis are two of the more fascinating ways to get your bread and butter. It seems the strip mall also has symbiotic relationships. I wonder which came first?
The chicken,or the egg?

While looking for the link, I learned that there is both an “Old Country Buffet”, and a “Country Buffet”. Wow. Other things I learned:

Shoot me if you ever see me walk from one of these establishments to the other.


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  1. Have you ever been in one of these? They not only serve nearly any kind of food you can imagine, but they also serve all meals simultaneously (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The combined odor is enough to question the need for the Weight Watchers next door; it should be self-regulating.

  2. I don’t think OCB serves ‘food’, much like kraft singles aren’t ‘cheese’ – I think they are required to call it ‘food-like product’.

  3. Good point. It’s probably the same stuff they “eat” in the Matrix.

  4. rma

    I’m dying to know why Nogales is an exception to the beverages included policy, sitting out there in the desert like that.

    (BTW, did you know they shot the movie version of “Oklahoma” there? Apparently Oklahoma didn’t look enough like Oklahoma for Hollywood’s purposes…)

  5. Since you were dying to know, I called them last night. A very sweet young lady didn’t seem to understand my question. She told me:

    “You pay just once.”
    “Even for soda?”
    “I can drink as much as I want?”
    “Yes. Many kinds”
    “Is there anything else I’d have to pay for?”
    “No. I said you pay just once.”
    “Thank you.”

    Must be an old error on their website. I gather that some are franchise owned, but this one is corporate.

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