Everyone has that stack of CD-Rs in their drawer. Admit it. You do, and most aren’t labeled. The few with labels are uber-descriptive: “Stuff”, “Junk”, “Backup 3/4/1999”. I just looked at one of those unlabeled nuggets.
Pure gold. It’s one of the uncountable CDs made in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s during times of uncertainty at work. It was a hobby at one job – keeping your resume up to date by the second and copying your stuff to CD-r. By stuff I mean mame roms, mp3s and the like. I found this gem:

Value Proposition

It hung in my office for years. I swear it’s not a joke, this was a real deal slide in an exec’s powerpoint.

5 beers to the person that can explain it to me.  I think the cornflower-blue ‘efficiencies & cost savings’ arrows are some how key…. I’d have added a third one, at a 45 degree angle.  Just for good measure.

And then worked in a “PHASE 3: PROFIT!”


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  1. That’s not cornflower blue, that’s straight up aqua. And I totally understand that graph but I can’t explain it to you, you either “get it” or you don’t. We know which one you are, now don’t we?

  2. If you understand insanity, are you insane?

  3. MayorQuimby

    Ahhh thats why this company no longer exists….the execs weren’t interested in phase 3…

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