I like ant particularly after recently working in the embedded device world where 15 year old make files are still being used to coax binaries out of toolchains older than I am.

I have horrid memories or a time less than a year ago when everyday I’d see output from a linker that was dated the year I started kindergarten. If that sweet innocent little me had realized that some punter in California was working on an that insidious product that would later torment me… The primary function of this junk wasn’t eating C and turning out elf binaries, but rather in teaching users the full meaning of white space, and where thou shalt place a tab and thou shalt not use eight spaces. Verily spaces are an abomination that displeases the grey bearded unix gods. Don’t even ask about how many spaces are in a tab.

Today I had the best idea for extending ant. I want the fail task to randomly pop up a picture from the fail blog

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  1. I actually did this, works in windows.
    Most of my ant is in linux, a little more complicated as I’d need to set a DISPLAY variable and then have an xclient running on my machine.

    Maybe I could get my coworkers to do that, running with “xhost +”…. because that could lead to endless other fun.

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