USI wireless: FAIL

The much talked about Minneapolis wireless blows. I could rant about it for at least 10 pages, however the images below sums it up.

If you sign up you’ll be seeing this a lot:

I know this is brand new stuff, I can handle some bumps in rolling out an ambitious new service.  But my connection was so crappy and slow that ‘cutie kitty chef’ was beating me in TF2:

I have no idea who that person is, but I’m sure they’re a toolbox.  I had to cancel the service.  So now I’m without internet and without cell phone.  I feel very 1990.


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  1. Wha!? You cancelled it?? Before Visi is back up? What about your plans to nail them on the SLA every month and have it free forever??

    Poor !k. ;( [BTW – need me to loan you a spare cell phone?]

  2. I thought I was so clever sending a mail to their support on every link down trap. Until I came home from work and realized I had 15 unsent messages. It’s more magic than I have to send a mail when the connection is down.

    I’m not sure if I’m going back to DSL or will go for cable modem – I wouldn’t mind having discovery channel.

    I’ve gotten every month of service from USI free since I started, and I’m not going to start paying them when I send the router back.

  3. i signed up after they showed they had PLENTY of coverage in my neighborhood (which is basically your neighborhood). lies. i had to pay to ship the router back, too.

    so i’m stuck with comcast for $62/month, a service i use maybe half an hour a day.

  4. Cutie Kitty Chef, that’s pure brilliance in a name. Hubs had the name Your Mom in Delta Force which made for a cute death message:

    SuperSniper83 has been killed by Your Mom

  5. Rosie

    I have been trying to get a new antenna since April 20th. I asked for it to be delivered to my work address since I was moving. As of today, still no antenna. I called twice today and finally got a supervisor. He confirmed that they sent it to my old address. When I asked for a new one to be sent by taxi, courrier or one of their employees to my work address today he flatly refused. I thought AT&T and Vorizion was the worst customer service I have ever had but USI Wireless takes the prize! I have no idea how or when I am getting a new antenna. The people I really felt bad for were the customer service agents. They really tried to help, they could not get the shipping department to answer their calls, the supervisor was in a perpetual meeting. What an awful place to work. My advice? Try anyone else.

  6. I wish I was as luck as Kevin from Bryn Mawr. But at least I had better luck than Jenni sending things back – I got reimbursed for every dime I ever gave USI and never had to pay shipping on anything in either direction.

    I’m hoping the kinks get worked out – but not having a reliable connection at home really was difficult.

  7. kevin

    I’ve read a number of negative posts about USI Wireless. I live in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood and got their ‘buy 1 year-get the second for free’ offer with their Ruckus modem. I became a subscriber in February 2008 when the service went live in my neighborhood. My old Qwest DSL used to sit in the rafters of my basement, right next to my Telco demark. I have a window which looks down the alley and can ‘see’ one of the USI units about a block away. I put my USI pre configured Ruckus right on the same shelf, plugged it in and did some slight movements of the unit to get me the best signal. I get between 2-3 Mb/S download and get 700 Kb/s to 1 Mb/S upload all the time. I have had three service outages since I got my service, two lasting about an hour and one lasting 6 hours — when I called customer support they were understanding and were able to troublshoot the issues but not able to restore my service any faster. When I had my DSL, I don’t recall any time I had an outage of any note. When I weigh out the cost vs the performance, I’m very happy with their service and have recommended it to other Minneapolis residents. Twice the speed as my Qwest DSL at half the cost.

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