He's just not that into her

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Inscribed in The End of Nature by Bill McKibben.

I’m pretty sure Joe never gave the book back, he got a few bucks for it at booksmart. I wonder what the nicknames mean?
I never lend out books. They never seem to come back.


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  1. “and have to go to the bathroom”??? what??

  2. If you never lend out books, how do you know they don’t come back?

  3. Yeah… I learned the hard way. You know, nobody borrows crappy books. I look over my shoulder and I see a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. My copy of Marco Pantani: The Legend of a Tragic Champion – gone forever. If I remembered who had that I’d hunt them down.

    I think it’s my fault the more I like a book, the more likely I try to push it on someone that is at best luke warm on it. They won’t even read it, and will soon forget it. It’s difficult to return something when you’ve forgotten it.

  4. Nathan

    You know, I’d say the same thing about DVDs. One loans them out and they disappear for years…

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