I’m giving away my crappy old TV on craigslist. I’m kind of amazed at the responses – even if this thing worked perfectly it’s near worthless.



So far, only one starwars fan


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  1. It’s gone. The responses where overwhelming – I never imagined so many people would want that old boat anchor. Not one craigslister mentioned the starwars reference. I guess most people that would get the joke already have uber home entertainment setups.

  2. That weird spot would probably go away if you degaussed it.

    I’ll take your TV if you still have it!

  3. We still have our TV which we bought when you bought your “crappy old TV”.

    I now feel inadequate.

  4. 1. Han shot first
    2. I’ve got the remote too
    3. It’s heavy, bring a strong person

    I can’t stop f-ing laughing. You know damn clear and well. that they
    are coming for the REMOTE not the TV!!

  5. Nathan


    I managed to sell my boat anchor for $200. Woo go me.

  6. DutchMonkey: You need to give away your television on craigslist – thereby creating a need for a LCD HDTV.

    Nathan: When did you do that? recently? someone bought a 36″ CRT? I should get you to sell the condo…

  7. Kevin: Get ahold of DutchMonkey’s lame CRT… list the condo on craigslist, offering the CRT as a gift to the first qualified, successful buyer. Possibly even throw in a boat anchor. I think that you’re onto something.

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