Minneapolis stank water

There is something seriously wrong with the Minneapolis city water lately. Our fridge has a filter that takes care of it, but every restaurant in town has fishy nastiness in the water. For those members of my vast readership from out of town, imagine the smell of Amy Winehouse’s crotch on a hot day. It’s that bad.

At least there is no need to drink water – the current Summit seasonal is the best of the year.


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  1. nc

    Geez, what restaurants are actually giving you tap water without filtering it first?

  2. hmmmm… is it fish? or is it the rotting smell of dead deer carcass? as the snow melts… exposing the slowly rotting flesh of the winters dead… which then finds it’s way… slowly oozing into the river from which you drink… stank. amy winehouse stank. sorry to admit… that i only knew the name… had no idea really who miss winehouse was… until the google machine brought the horridness forward. so. if you are amy winhouse, and are offended… please know that i was only jumping on the band wagon… cuz i’m a wagon rider. stank.

  3. Places we had fishy water: Victor’s, Grand Cafe, Al Vento, Erte, Blackbird and Our Kitchen (the diner on 35th, not our kitchen – we have filter in the ‘fridge). I like all these places. At least at some of them we can buy water… but the greasy spoon has both kinds of water- tap water, and tap water with ice. In fact they don’t really like that I read the NYT there… they’d throw me out if I asked for a bottle of water, gas or otherwise.

    The amazing thing is not that they serve it… it’s that we see other diners drinking it.

    As to the run off… I can only think of the horrid neighbor who doesn’t clean up pet waste.

  4. rnarmum: things you need to know about amy winehouse:
    1. Actually not a no talent ass-clown.
    2. Her first hit single in the US was about not going to rehab.
    3. she’s a shark.

  5. there was a story on the news that said it had something to do with spring runoff, and a ton of snow melting really fast. i’m just glad someone else besides us has noticed how bad it is, because it seriously grosses me out to get into FISH SHOWER every morning.

  6. don’t you love how rnarum looks i all lower case letters? all curvy and what not… maybe it’s not so curvy as it is humpy… now… if i could just find me a willing victim…

  7. “14 Twin Cities restaurants join tap-water brigade

    The restaurants will reduce the use of bottled, non-carbonated water and promote the cities’ high-quality tap water.”



  8. Nathan

    Article in the startrib about current stinky water.


    Bottled water is bad mkay. Lots of oil used in making bottles, bottles = waste, etc.

  9. The water filter in the refrigerator does a good job at taking the badness out of the city water.

  10. weierd

    Thank GOD that Minneapolis doesn’t provide the water for Brooklyn Park (not that we drink that either – but as least it is passable….well, actually, compared with what I had served to me at Harry’s, BP’s water is like Anne Hathaway’s glisten — yes! That good.)

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