Marx was wrong

Marx, originally uploaded by kbb.

Mr. Little guy has never steered me wrong. Ever. For those of you from out of town if you have a burning question, I’ll drop it off for you.

I’ve asked this guy many things… But I lost most of them.


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3 Responses to Marx was wrong

  1. From what I have gathered from reading his responses – he rides a chipmunk, and has a wife.

  2. The response to girl germs is hilarious. I picture Mr. Little Guy as a fat, hairy, drunken slob in a wife beater and undies with a cig hanging out of his mouth.

  3. “…he rides a chipmunk, and has a wife…”

    curious to note… not mutually exclusive… in fact… they may be one in the same… chipmunker wife-rider…

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