baked goods & corporate culture

I work for a small company – it’s no where near as uptight as some of the large publicly traded places I’ve worked.

The contrast is best shown with this snapshot from a tiny company’s employee potluck.

Baked Goods


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5 Responses to baked goods & corporate culture

  1. nc

    So… do you have any bags missing the ‘no’?

  2. weierd

    Dammit…NC stole my joke. 🙁

  3. Of course there is no pot. You bake cookies on a cookie sheet, not in a pot.

    Silly people.

  4. i really think that the question is… are there any “bags” missing?

    or perhaps… an alternate question… did you overhear a conversation such as:

    “…dude… someone stole my BAG!!…”

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