Feast day of St. Kevin

I’m not catholic. I actually have no religious beliefs of any kind (aside from a deep believe that 8 spaces don’t make a tab). However, the catholics are no sillier than any other faith – particularly the Irish Catholics.

They celebrate the feast of St. Kevin on the Third of June. ¬†I’m going to start celebrating¬†annually.


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  1. Yo thanks for pointing this out… since I too am completely NOT catholic… however, much many american catholics… I feel completely justified in taking things from their religion, and apply them to my own life…

    For example, one such thing is St.Richard. Dude. I’m a Saint TOO… ask ANYONE!! As for my Saint day… Let all you chicks know that the Feast of Richard Day is April 3rd. I’ll celebrate it TWICE next year, since I missed it this year…

    As for whoever this St.Richard character was… I don’t claim to know any more about him than what is described in his wiki

    On a completely different topic… In this post… You’ll note that I have successfully taken on a new moniker.

  2. TeeTee

    St Kevin’s hand was home to a blackbird and its egg for a while. It landed on his outstreched hand during prayer.

    Just thought you’d like to know!?

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