Coolness as defined by Apple products owned

I work at a place where your level of cool is directly proportional to the level of Apple products owned.  There is some debate about the residual cool of say, owning 4 different models of ipod.  I tend to de-crap immediatly while my cast offs are still useful to others.  In fact my ipod touch was engraved “Stolen From: Kevin”.  I believe the guy that bought it found this too be at least a $20 value add.

I’ve had an explosion of apple at my house in 2008.  As you can see from my not-to-scale graph above, I’m getting pretty damn cool.  The quality and sophistication of my charts, graphs and other technical illustrations was been called ‘questionable’… So I chose tools fitting my level of expertise for this task.


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6 Responses to Coolness as defined by Apple products owned

  1. nc: You have a coolness that is non-zero, though not nearly as cool as your wife.
    Actually we’re going to give you a high coolness because the UN ranks the technical infrastructure of your basement above most countries on earth.

  2. nc

    I have zero Apple products. (OK, I have an iPod Touch that was free, and which I never use.)

    Does this mean I have zero coolness?

  3. Does this chart correlate at all to the husband/wife coolness one?

  4. You are minus 50 cool points until you stop carrying that Mac around in a Dell bag. All Macs everywhere are weeping.

  5. @crambosauce – I got a hot new man purse to cart it around in!

    Also the addition of a apple keyboard and a second power cord should be added to the chart.

  6. the_dbb

    I have jars of homemade apple sauce, and jars of apple slices being ‘preserved’ in rum. Does this count? Do I get extra points for involving alcohol?

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