Top 100 artists in my iTunes

Word cloud of top 100 artists

Top 100 Artists by plays


I made this with Wordle, it represents the top 100 artists in my iTunes library since mid-2005.  Wordle is really cool, two tips:  you must replace spaces with ~ and it doesn’t seem to handle the ‘&’ character at all.

I wish there was a way to get data on the last year.  The data just isn’t there – playcount is the only thing I can get.  I’m sure I played way more Black Keys than Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in 2011.  I’d say 40% of my listening is podcasts – as evidenced by Chicago Public Radio making into to the top 100 artists.

Don’t judge me harshly on my music tastes.


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2 Responses to Top 100 artists in my iTunes

  1. Dave Reich

    How exactly did you get the numbers?

  2. the_kbb

    I wrote a python script that used the itunes api to get it. it’s an ugly script because the playcount is stored for each song, so it had to iterate over the library a few times. the output of the script was a text file, which i manually put in wurdle (they don’t have an api)

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