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Top 100 artists in my iTunes

Word cloud of top 100 artists

Top 100 Artists by plays


I made this with Wordle, it represents the top 100 artists in my iTunes library since mid-2005.  Wordle is really cool, two tips:  you must replace spaces with ~ and it doesn’t seem to handle the ‘&’ character at all.

I wish there was a way to get data on the last year.  The data just isn’t there – playcount is the only thing I can get.  I’m sure I played way more Black Keys than Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in 2011.  I’d say 40% of my listening is podcasts – as evidenced by Chicago Public Radio making into to the top 100 artists.

Don’t judge me harshly on my music tastes.


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circus! erasure!

A double header:

1. Circus Juventas. We didn’t really know what to expect, but were completely blown away. The kids have some pretty amazing skills, they put on a great show. It’s very much like cirque du soleil. I was very impressed with these kids, even the youngest handled the rare stuff ups with grace and humility. I recommend going.

2. Erasure at First Ave. Amazingly fun. I hear it took a small army all day to setup the elaborate multi-level stage. We missed the opening acts and the first few Erasure songs – arriving in time for the first wardrobe change. There are two things to be learned from Erasure.

  • A 43 year old balding pot-bellied man in a wife beater and day-glo pants can be a sex symbol.
  • Backup singers dancing around make everything cooler. These three ladies looked like the supremes and seemed to have as much influence on the crowd as Andy.

The place was packed, but the crowd was way fun. I wish we could have seen the whole set.

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