I’m giving away my crappy old TV on craigslist. I’m kind of amazed at the responses – even if this thing worked perfectly it’s near worthless.



So far, only one starwars fan


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some B.S. is better than other B.S.

From my HSA, I can pay a christian science practitioner but not for scientology counsoling. That’s pre-tax. Some pretend is apparently more acceptable than other pretend.

It’s on page 7 of IRS publication 502

You can include in medical expenses fees you pay to
Christian Science practitioners for medical care.

Now for the next quote, this one comes from The Church of Christ, Scientist website. This is what a christian science practitioner does:

Offer spiritually-based Christian Science treatment – a specific kind of prayer explained in the book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which has resulted for many in physical healing and the resolution of a variety of life problems.

Wow. Reducing tax liberality is our national pastime… but paying someone to pray for you? I knew a guy in college that didn’t know a damn thing about medicine – but you might say he was an entrepreneur herbalist.

Bummer that his goods/services aren’t pretax – on page 15 of that IRS doc

You cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for controlled substances (such as marijuana, laetrile, etc.), in violation of federal law.

Legal or otherwise at least what he was selling had an effect.


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He's just not that into her

Electra, originally uploaded by kbb.

Inscribed in The End of Nature by Bill McKibben.

I’m pretty sure Joe never gave the book back, he got a few bucks for it at booksmart. I wonder what the nicknames mean?
I never lend out books. They never seem to come back.


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THE paper

I love the paper. I prefer the actual physical paper in all it’s dirty smelly glory.
I grew up with it, I often remember my father as the disembodied voice behind the Star Tribune:

“We’re furious with you! Aren’t we!?!”, Mother shrieked.
“furious.”, deadpanned Dad.

I know now that he had no clue why I was getting berated was about, he was just glad it wasn’t him.
The paper paper is intransitive – it’s not fluid like news on the web. I’ve often noticed that the best humor in the paper gets ‘corrected’ in the online version, usually after I sent it to some friends.
Something seems wrong to me about a continually fluid news stream. The optimistic would point out that accuracy would be increased. I think we’d lose something though, errors and journalistic lapses themselves are part of the news as well as being funny as hell.

Nobody else I know reads the paper – so I often have find what I’ve read online to share it. Sometimes the online version is much cooler, as in this fascinating graphic
The print version had one year instead of 20.

In other highlights from the weekend paper:

Everyone onstage dances like hell, and when we get to hell, it will be full of ballets like this. Its loud rock score, by David Rozenblatt, sounds like a refrigerator copulating with a hot tin roof.
Alastair Macaulay

This quote disproves the inverted pyramid – the most important sentence in the article is the last one.


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USI wireless: FAIL

The much talked about Minneapolis wireless blows. I could rant about it for at least 10 pages, however the images below sums it up.

If you sign up you’ll be seeing this a lot:

I know this is brand new stuff, I can handle some bumps in rolling out an ambitious new service.  But my connection was so crappy and slow that ‘cutie kitty chef’ was beating me in TF2:

I have no idea who that person is, but I’m sure they’re a toolbox.  I had to cancel the service.  So now I’m without internet and without cell phone.  I feel very 1990.


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I like ant particularly after recently working in the embedded device world where 15 year old make files are still being used to coax binaries out of toolchains older than I am.

I have horrid memories or a time less than a year ago when everyday I’d see output from a linker that was dated the year I started kindergarten. If that sweet innocent little me had realized that some punter in California was working on an that insidious product that would later torment me… The primary function of this junk wasn’t eating C and turning out elf binaries, but rather in teaching users the full meaning of white space, and where thou shalt place a tab and thou shalt not use eight spaces. Verily spaces are an abomination that displeases the grey bearded unix gods. Don’t even ask about how many spaces are in a tab.

Today I had the best idea for extending ant. I want the fail task to randomly pop up a picture from the fail blog

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Everyone has that stack of CD-Rs in their drawer. Admit it. You do, and most aren’t labeled. The few with labels are uber-descriptive: “Stuff”, “Junk”, “Backup 3/4/1999”. I just looked at one of those unlabeled nuggets.
Pure gold. It’s one of the uncountable CDs made in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s during times of uncertainty at work. It was a hobby at one job – keeping your resume up to date by the second and copying your stuff to CD-r. By stuff I mean mame roms, mp3s and the like. I found this gem:

Value Proposition

It hung in my office for years. I swear it’s not a joke, this was a real deal slide in an exec’s powerpoint.

5 beers to the person that can explain it to me.  I think the cornflower-blue ‘efficiencies & cost savings’ arrows are some how key…. I’d have added a third one, at a 45 degree angle.  Just for good measure.

And then worked in a “PHASE 3: PROFIT!”


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I heart Helen Thomas

I read the transcripts for the white house press briefings, it’s a sick morbid fascination.
It’s not that I like to stay informed, it’s more like art appreciation. Which is good, because there is little information disseminated – and even less factual information.
There can be appreciation for things you don’t like – I don’t get into on rap music, but I appreciate some of it. Any common thing done uncommonly well is nothing to sneeze at.

Former press secretary –Ari Fleischer was and will likely remain the Mozart of non-information. It’s not too hard to dodge the white house press corps, but he did it with style – he can talk for minutes without divulging, confirming or denying a fact when directly questioned.

The press secretary never gets ‘pinned down’, that’s there job – to just go to the next question. Last week the lovely Helen Thomas came as close as it gets on the pissing match between congress and the white house on war funding. If a bill isn’t passed many civilian contractors get the pink slip.

Q So this is a way to remind Congress that you want them to pass this bill?
MS. PERINO: That’s exactly what that was.
Q So you’re making them suffer —
MS. PERINO: I’m making the Democrats suffer?
Q No, you’re making the civilians who work for the Defense —
MS. PERINO: Oh, no, it is not us who are making any civilians suffer.
Q There ought to be —
MS. PERINO: We are calling on Congress to —
Q How many billions have we spent already for the Defense Department?

Transcript of the Gaggle.

When I first read that I was cheering for Helen, but after thinking on it… I’m even more sad. She didn’t force the point – she stood out merely because she had the courage to ask a follow up question. She later went on to ask about George’s Thanksgiving plans. I guess it’s better than some startlet’s undies (or lack thereof).


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Soup Bone

Soup Bone, originally uploaded by kbb.

This is the highest value treat in Ira’s known universe. Its the only thing he ‘guards’ .
If someone tries to touch the bone, he panics and tries to slink away with it. It entertains me to watch him get the marrow out – he’s too small to break the bone, and his tongue isn’t quite long enough.

I think of him every time I’m at a French restaurant that serves marrow.


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Symbiosis in Highland Park

In life Parasitism and symbiosis are two of the more fascinating ways to get your bread and butter. It seems the strip mall also has symbiotic relationships. I wonder which came first?
The chicken,or the egg?

While looking for the link, I learned that there is both an “Old Country Buffet”, and a “Country Buffet”. Wow. Other things I learned:

Shoot me if you ever see me walk from one of these establishments to the other.


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