Wellstone, originally uploaded by kbb.

Five years ago today.
What a tragedy.
Wellstone is still very much a part of Minnesota. I see “It’s time to park the bus”, and even “He’s dead. Get over it.” in about equal numbers as the “WWWD” or other supportive bumper stickers.

I’m amazed that after all that we’ve been through in the last five years, the guy that would have screamed BULLSHIT the loudest could be denigrated by so many. It’s shameful. I’m embarrassed for them.

The world would be a better place if he was still here.


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2 Responses to Wellstone

  1. Well said Kev. I remember the day all too well.

    Thanks for the post – M

  2. I’d never have thought I could possibly cry at the death of a politician, but I did that day. I’m not sure what’s harder to believe — that it’s been 5 years, or that the world is still here!

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