I heart Helen Thomas

I read the transcripts for the white house press briefings, it’s a sick morbid fascination.
It’s not that I like to stay informed, it’s more like art appreciation. Which is good, because there is little information disseminated – and even less factual information.
There can be appreciation for things you don’t like – I don’t get into on rap music, but I appreciate some of it. Any common thing done uncommonly well is nothing to sneeze at.

Former press secretary –Ari Fleischer was and will likely remain the Mozart of non-information. It’s not too hard to dodge the white house press corps, but he did it with style – he can talk for minutes without divulging, confirming or denying a fact when directly questioned.

The press secretary never gets ‘pinned down’, that’s there job – to just go to the next question. Last week the lovely Helen Thomas came as close as it gets on the pissing match between congress and the white house on war funding. If a bill isn’t passed many civilian contractors get the pink slip.

Q So this is a way to remind Congress that you want them to pass this bill?
MS. PERINO: That’s exactly what that was.
Q So you’re making them suffer —
MS. PERINO: I’m making the Democrats suffer?
Q No, you’re making the civilians who work for the Defense —
MS. PERINO: Oh, no, it is not us who are making any civilians suffer.
Q There ought to be —
MS. PERINO: We are calling on Congress to —
Q How many billions have we spent already for the Defense Department?

Transcript of the Gaggle.

When I first read that I was cheering for Helen, but after thinking on it… I’m even more sad. She didn’t force the point – she stood out merely because she had the courage to ask a follow up question. She later went on to ask about George’s Thanksgiving plans. I guess it’s better than some startlet’s undies (or lack thereof).


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  1. In the Netherlands, I noticed an article in a local newspaper that referred to the talks being held in the middle east this week. The spread had a picture of Condi with the headline:


  2. @FRANK: You of course brought that home!?!

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