some B.S. is better than other B.S.

From my HSA, I can pay a christian science practitioner but not for scientology counsoling. That’s pre-tax. Some pretend is apparently more acceptable than other pretend.

It’s on page 7 of IRS publication 502

You can include in medical expenses fees you pay to
Christian Science practitioners for medical care.

Now for the next quote, this one comes from The Church of Christ, Scientist website. This is what a christian science practitioner does:

Offer spiritually-based Christian Science treatment – a specific kind of prayer explained in the book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which has resulted for many in physical healing and the resolution of a variety of life problems.

Wow. Reducing tax liberality is our national pastime… but paying someone to pray for you? I knew a guy in college that didn’t know a damn thing about medicine – but you might say he was an entrepreneur herbalist.

Bummer that his goods/services aren’t pretax – on page 15 of that IRS doc

You cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for controlled substances (such as marijuana, laetrile, etc.), in violation of federal law.

Legal or otherwise at least what he was selling had an effect.


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  1. my pretend god is better than your pretend god. in fact… he can KICK your pretend god’s pretend ASS!

  2. Nathan

    Look how effective praying is! We don’t need doctors, just more professional prayer people.

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