Place your bets…

I’m pretty sure my car’s ‘hippy’ factor actually goes past 11. The burning question is:
How long will it take for someone to steal my magnet?
Place your bet by leaving a date in the comments. The closest one will win.

Obama magnet

Obama magnet

Other questions… will an Obama supporter steal it? or will some PF’er in town for the RNC throw it down a drain?


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9 Responses to Place your bets…

  1. Timmy!, and nc – you’re defeated. I carpool this week.

    To answer nc’s question:
    No. Stealing the magnet will earn you a really stern look and make you ineligible for any prizes.

  2. I bet it will be stolen in about ten minutes. Amazingly that coincides with the time that I will be walking out into the parking lot.


  3. nc

    If I predict a time, and steal it at that time, does it still count?

  4. If I lived in your town, it would be gone.

    So. My bet is that it is gone by the time you wake up this coming Friday morning, stolen on Thursday evening.

  5. Actually, I retract my earlier bet and I am asking a question instead: Does the sticker look like a magnet? If not, it may take a long time before anyone figures it out because people would have to be super-awesome-extra-special smart to figure it out. And we all know they’re not.

  6. Cecil

    so did the magnet ever get stolen? I’m sure at this point there are so many people messing with signs out there that it got stolen if consistently left out.. but wouldn’t it be nice if it never got touched.

  7. The magnet hasn’t been stolen or molested. I think I’m going to through election day.

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