dy/dx of cool

Nothing is ever equal. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s also true that everything changes. I had a realization a few months ago, that most of my friends have blindingly cool spouses, who over time seem to get cooler. There are exceptions to every rule but I give you this chart as gospel truth.

Does anyone know what causes this phenomenon? I can think of a small handful of counter-examples, but they may be errors in judgement.


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8 Responses to dy/dx of cool

  1. You should really do these in crayon and scan them in for maximum effect.

  2. You don’t really want us to answer that question, do you?

    The rub: where’s the vector for Ira????

  3. OliverN

    “Does anyone know what causes this phenomenon?”


  4. If you find someone cool at work, they are bound to have hooked up with some equally or more cool than they are. If they didn’t, are they really that cool in the first place?

  5. the_dbb

    Shouldn’t this be dy/dt?

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